What's Your Wig Care Routine?

what's your wig care routine

If you are like me, wigs are a staple in your life, and establishing a good wig care routine is a must. I have spicy bold wigs for the weekend or special occasions and the ones I rock every day. Getting a good quality wig is an investment. The key to maintaining the quality and longevity of your wigs and bundles is to treat them like your hair. These strands may not grow out of your scalp but you bought it, so technically it is "your hair".

I am currently wearing the Afro kinky Curly Frontal Wig 16 inches and it has been my daily weekday look for the past 6 months. I love this unit for its versatility. You can rock it damp for that wet look effect or totally dried and combed out to get the dramatic Diana Ross Puff goddess look. It also has great styling options and I will talk more about that in the next post. For now, it's all about how to keep this baby looking right and tight.

With curly hair, it is important to keep it simple and not overcomplicate your routine. Just like your natural hair, kinky curl loves moisture (have a spray bottle handy). When I was still a hair newbie, I would go months without washing my weaves. I just never used to pay attention to following a wash routine. My ideologies were; "it's not my hair, so it's not that deep"; "its good quality hair, so it's just going to keep looking pretty"; "I am too busy, I will just use a good hairspray to get the funky smell out". I made so many mistakes and kept trashing wigs every so often because of poor maintenance.

Like clothes, there are new wig styles coming out every day and we are so tempted to trash out the old ones for the new. Instead of replacing your hair every 3 months and discarding the old one, why not build a collection of luscious wigs that you can keep alternating for a long time. All you have to do is adopt simple wig care routine habits that would keep your units intact for an extended period.

I usually wash my wigs after every 6-7 wear, especially during the summer months. Although you do not want to wash too much to avoid dryness but going weeks without a wash is a recipe for frizzy hair. Another great tip is to not pile up too many hair products and sprays as this builds up and over time, your hair may begin to lose that luster.

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