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Having a solid hair care routine is essential to keeping our hair in the best shape possible. Whether you are into wigs, weaves, or rocking your natural curls, maintenance is everything. But let's keep it real, it is no easy task to squeeze in another chore on the to-do list. Most of us have very busy lives, juggling a career, family, and possibly a side hustle or business. This could make it very difficult to keep up with all the different facets and a hair care routine might be down the priority list.

However, we babes still like to keep our hair looking yummy which could sometimes be very time-consuming. Personally, I like to be practical and keep things pretty simple. That way the process of hair maintenance doesn't become overwhelming.

Here are 5 efficient ways to simplify your hair care routine and keep your hair glammed up all season long;

Touch up your hair at night time

One of the best times to style your hair is at night time. Switching your hair care time frees up your mornings and makes getting ready a breeze. You can braid down, tie-down, curl up, straighten, or whatever style you want to achieve in the evenings. If you wear wigs frequently, it's advisable to use a mannequin to keep the hair texture while you use a silk scarf or bonnet on your natural hair. When you make this a part of your night hair care routine, it no longer becomes a chore but a lifestyle. If you have your weave or wigs installed; detangle, apply a serum, and braid it down overnight. In the morning all you have to do is loosen the braids & you are ready to hit the road.

Wash your weave after each install

Looking to simplify & save time? Do not pile up used, unwashed, and tangled weaves. Washing, conditioning, and styling weaves can be time-consuming. It is best to do this one at a time after every use. That way, when it's time to install, you don't have to start digging into a pile of messy hair. Also, attempting to wash all your weaves and wigs at once can become very tasking and create more work down the road.

Schedule wash days

In other to have a seamless hair care routine, it's best to have dedicated wash days. Depending on your schedule, you need to have set days to wash your natural hair. Your wigs and weave wash can be done after taking down but your own hair should not be neglected in the process. It is very important for your hair underneath to be well taken care of. Scheduling wash days keeps you organized and on top of things.

Make it fun

I used to dread wash/styling days till I decided to make it FUN. I started creating what I call "hair dates" that I now look forward to it. On hair wash days, try creating a great playlist that you can vibe to while doing your hair. You could have a scheduled phone date with a friend you haven't spoken to in a while and indulge in a long chat while curling up your wig. You could "Netflix & style" while sipping your favorite cocktail. Finding ways to make your hair care routine fun will definitely make you look forward to it.

Invest in a good hairstylist

The easiest and fastest way to always keep your hair looking sleek is to invest in a good hairstylist. For some people, it's not practical for them to wash their weaves or hair themselves for countless reasons. The goal is to have a good hair care routine that would make you look and feel your best. If you can afford to have a stylist do bi-weekly or monthly hair maintenance for you, then definitely go for it!


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