Here at Wendy Luxe, We offer affordable human hair wigs but we definitely need you to consider several factors before making that investment to ensure you get something that suits your taste and style. Before you choose a wig, you should consider the one that will look natural on you and compliment your hairline and the face. If you are new to wearing wigs, we got you covered Before we delve deeper, some key things you need to take note of are ;
  • Density
  • Length
  • Appearance
  • Wig shape
Our goal is to help you know what will look good on you by identifying aspects you need to consider before purchasing your wig.

What do you need to check?

1. Closure vs. Frontal Wigs

You need to consider your hairline and head shape when buying a wig. When some heads look gorgeous on a closure wig, some will be stunning on a frontal wig. Well, these two are different in some ways like:
  • The closure is 4 by 4 while the frontal is 13 by 4
  • While the frontal offers you a well-pulled style, the closure will only cover a part of your head
  • The frontal is relatively more expensive than the closure
If you are looking to cover a bald spot on your head and achieve a natural look, you could settle for a frontal wig. However, if you have a perfect look and your concern is protecting a part of your hair from breaking, think of the closure wig.

2. Wig Density

Do you love your wig thin or heavy? Different people will have different picks, which is why wigs come in a million densities. If you love a lot of hair, you could go for a wig with a high percentage of hair and go for low if you wish to have a light wig. The density of the wigs ranges from 60 to 180%. Some of the wigs, depending on their density, include:
  • Extra light -50-60%
  • Light – 80%
  • Light to medium – 100%
  • Medium – 120-130%
  • Heavy – 140-150%
  • Extra heavy – 160% and above
You will come across wigs with all the above densities. However, the choice of your wig will depend on your natural hair density for a match.

3. Short vs. Long Wigs

Wigs come in different lengths. Yes, you can get a wig as long as 30 and as short as 8 inches. You will have a specific taste when it comes to the length of your wig. While a short wig will complement your looks, some people will look better in long ones.

4. Straight vs. Curly Wigs

Wigs come in both curly and straight textures. If you love smooth, flat, and shiny outlook, then straight wigs are the best choice for you. However, if you want to avoid fluffing up and draw some attention, you could do well with the curl wigs option.


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