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If you are like me who wear wigs everyday, you know that you need some good items to ease into it. Wearing wigs has been a life saver for me in the past couple of years. It just works for my lifestyle. Running a business and still finding time to have a social life really limits the amount of time that I have for super complicated hair-dos that lasts all day. I have fully embraced the wig life and I just want to briefly share some things that has made the wig lifestyle very seamless for me;

Wig Stand or storage bags

If you wear your wigs everyday, you should invest in a wig stand that would help keep the shape of the unit and also make it easy for you to grab and go in the morning. Also, silk storage bags would help you store your wigs and keep them in perfect condition.

A good collection of wig caps

Wig caps are super flimsy and I cannot count how many of them just disappeared from night stand. Its helpful to have a bunch of them so you don't run out of it when you need to hit the door. They are very useful to protect your natural hair if you use glue or holding spray. Furthermore, they make your wig lay perfectly without any lumps.

Styling mousse for curly textures

If you are a curly hair lover like me, then you need a good styling mousse. It helps to keep those curls popping. They are very suitable for deep wave, kinky curl and even body wave. There are so many good mousse you can find online that are really inexpensive and lasts for a long time.

Heat protectant spray

This one is a game changer. With textures like body wave and straight wigs that needs frequent straightening or curling, using a protectant spray would help prevent heat damage. In other to maintain the longevity of your wigs, you need to be giving it enough love.

Satin bonnet for night time

Wearing a satin bonnet at night time really helps to protect your natural hair and keep it juicy. This one does not just apply to wig wearers . If you have a weave install or even braids, then covering them at night makes them last longer and look better.







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