How to Protect your Wigs from Heat Damage

human hair curly wigs Heat is beneficial to your human hair wigs and hair bundles in various ways but can be destructive to them if you do not check the amount of heat you expose them to. I know you love your curly wigs, and you might have inner fears that your favorite unit will be destroyed by heat. And this means you must establish how to protect your wig from heat damage.

Human Hair Textures

Before we dive into the ways of protecting them, let us first talk about the different types of human hair wigs available. Depending on your preference, there are several textures, style, and length choices for the naturalistas and sleek hair lovers. The different texture variations all tend to get damaged by overexposure to heat. Let's delve into the various ways of protecting your hair bundles and units from heat damage in a hustle free manner.

Ways of Protecting your Wigs from Damage by Heat

  1. Ensure your hair is dry before styling
We are sure you want the super bouncy curls on your hair when leaving your house in the morning. The first thing that comes to mind is styling your wig using a straightener or the curling iron. Unfortunately, if it's wet, you will do damage to your human hair. Ensure the wig is completely dry before you style it.
  1. Mind the Quality of your Curling Iron
The material of your curling iron has a profound effect on your hair. Depending on price and other factors, you can have a tool made of any of these:
  • Ceramic
  • Tourmaline
  • Titanium
These three materials make suitable, curling materials for your human hair. A low-quality curling iron is likely to allow excess heat on your favorite curly wig, and this will destroy it.
  1. Using Heat Protectant & Quality Hair Care Products
There are specific products developed to protect your hair bundles from excess heat damage. First off, invest in a good heat protectant spray. Some other products you can consider applying include curling/leave-on conditioning creams, mists, and serums. These products provide a good base for heat usage and aid in nourishing the wig and adding curls.
  1. Keep the heat low
Putting a high degree of heat when blow-drying your human hair curly wig will destroy it. Thus, you need to set the temperature of your ironing tool to cool, which will not only create a style you want but also reduce the splitting of ends and frizzing. As much as you set the temperatures too low, ensure that the time your hair is in contact with the ironing tool is minimal.
  1. Flat Iron your hairpieces minimally.
Repeatedly ironing your hair bundles/unit sections is not the best way to go about straightening or curling your unit. Instead, ensure you iron each bunch once or as few times as needed to get your wig looking as desired. Constant repetition will only expose the hair to excess heat hence damage. Listen, girl, I know you want to slay your hair bundle install and get that bob wig looking all sleek. And yes, it requires some heating. However, the amount of heat you use must be within a range that will not destroy your hair. Have you dealt with heat damage before? Do let me know in the comments any subject you would like to learn more about :)


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